All Live Edge Tables come with a base of your choice.
Several to choose from in counter height and standard dining table height.

Live Edge tables can provide the home or office a unique dining table, conference table, desk, or other work surface with a wide range of exotic wood grains from many different species of classic trees.

Thicker and more durable than most tables, and with finishes that enhance the beauty of wood grains and fiery flitches cut from whole tree widths from bark to bark, a live edge table will be the attention-getter anywhere it resides.

Sizes vary from cocktail dimensions to large lengths up to 140″ by 44,” which can be cut to suit the buyer’s needs. Bases come in a variety of styles and materials from wrought iron to wood, which can be selected and installed at the desire of the buyer.

Flame beech, spalted maple, chestnut, ash, walnut, and beautiful sycamore and cherry are but a few of the eye-stopping assortments of woods available.

Come in and let us show you the many styles and varieties ready for your custom order. 

Natural Elm


40-47″ w. x 91″ l. x 2″ h.


Hand-Planed Sycamore

#2720-4650-84 / 2226-1650-B

33-36″ w. x 84″ l. x 30″ h. (shown)

Available with a counter-height base, which will take it to a 36″ height


Natural 20 Sheen on Walnut

#AB-12×60 AB-5276

13.5″ w. x 60″ l. x 18″ h. (shown)

Bird’s Eye Maple
in Natural Finish


33-46″ w. x 87″ l. x 3″ h.

Natural English Walnut


31-38″ w. x 58″ l. x 2.5″ h.

Custom Sofa Table


48″ x 19.5″ x 30″ High